• Which plant best matches your personality?

    We have all tried to notice people’s description of our personality, or taken some sort of personality test at some point in our lives to help unde...
  • What flowers are best for what occasions?

    Flowers usually make perfect gifts since they can send emotional messages. They make it easier to communicate our feelings besides being a lovely a...
  • The meaning behind each flower color

    The color of the flower has an essential role in the meaning that is attributed to it. Here is an overview of the flowers’ colors and their meaning.

  • Some health benefits of flowers

    Flowers seem to be so attached to human emotions that their presence automatically activates particular expressions. They have always been natural components of the concept of beauty.
  • How to keep cut flowers?

    Receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers is one of the most pleasant things, but once cut, flowers can be very perishable and it can be very disappointing to see them wither fast. Fortunately, you do not need to have a green hand to keep flowers the longest. Knowing some simple but effective maintenance rules can make them last in a vase up to twice as long.

  • History of tulips

    The tulip has been grown in Baghdad and Isfahan since the 10th century. There were about a hundred species of tulips from Europe, northern Africa and central Asia.
  • A simple guide to offering roses

    First of all, note that offering roses -aka the queen of flowers- is sending a message of love in many different forms, and second, in addition to the number of the roses each color conveys a different message. Language of flowers is very far-reaching and allows to express lots of emotions without words.