A simple guide to offering roses

You may want to offer roses but don’t know how many flowers to put in your bouquet. Or, you have received several roses and are wondering what the message can be.

First of all, note that offering roses -aka the queen of flowers- is sending a message of love in many different forms, and second, in addition to the number of the roses each color conveys a different message. Language of flowers is very far-reaching and allows to express lots of emotions without words.

So, read these simple tips in order to send (or receive!) the right signal and of course, avoid the risk of misunderstanding!

The number of roses in a bouquet

It is advisable to choose a number of odd roses rather than an even number, especially if the bouquet has less than 10 roses. The first reason is because it allows the creation of a more harmonious bouquet with a natural asymmetry. The second reason, as you may have guessed, is symbolic. To send a message of strong love, a bouquet of odd number of roses will be the symbol of your desire to evolve with the recipient. When the bouquet is larger, this recommendation is no longer justified.


Offering a single rose testifies to the unique character that the recipient has in your eyes. A single pink rose is a sign of love at first sight.

Offering, or receiving 2 roses can mean mutual love after having made a declaration of love. It is also possible to ask for forgiveness with a duo of roses.

Three means “I love you”. A clear message, with a rose for each word.

Five roses show respect and admiration. It is a good choice for a first impression or a congratulatory gift.

10 roses make a harmonious bouquet and symbolizes perfect love.

Bouquets of more than 10 roses have meanings that can come outside of the love between a couple frame. They allow to express friendship, congratulation, respect or an apology.

Offering a bouquet of a dozen roses can be ideal for marriage proposals.

Fifteen normally goes with asking for forgiveness.

Twenty roses send the message of very deep and sincere feelings.

Twenty-one can be a symbol of loyalty and devotion.

Twenty-four indicates the message of love and desire for the 24 hours in a day!

Twenty-five celebrates accomplishments in life.

Thirty-six is known to send a message of mad love.

Fifty, a sign of long-term commitment accompanied with boundless love.


Another advice is to go with the recipient’s lucky number, or even the number of years or months spent together. especially if they have cracked the code once before!

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Choosing the color

The diversity of rose colors express a wide range of feelings.

The best known of them, the red rose, is particularly evocative. By offering red rose you declare fiery love. There is romance in a bouquet of red roses. It sends a clear message and that is why red roses seem to be unavoidable for valentine’s day.

Less radical but just as meaningful, pink is the color of tenderness and femininity, often used to express friendship and gratitude. It is perfect for showing affection in a modest way without revealing too much of your feelings.

White, the symbol of purity, youth and innocence, can be offered in numerous conditions, weather it is happy or sad.

Yellow refers to the sun and warmth. Yellow rose is known as the rose of friendship. Beware that in love, yellow rose refers to jealousy and infidelity.

Orange sends a message of admiration, attraction and excitement.

Mixing several colors of roses is quite possible if you want to convey several messages at once. Red and white roses, for example, mark a powerful and sincere love.

Pay attention to the size of the blossom as well. Choosing roses in bud shows restriction, whereas if you go for more open roses, it can show that you are ready for anything.

Another thing to be careful about is offering stemless roses. It can indicate the message that you would want a break-up!