The meaning behind each flower color

The meaning behind each flower color

Offering a bouquet of flowers is a beautiful but sensitive act since it sends a particular message. They allow you to express feelings and intentions without words. The color of the flower has an essential role in the meaning that is attributed to it. Here is an overview of the flowers’ colors and their meaning.


The Meaning of Red flowers

The color red bright and vibrant. It is undoubtedly associated with passion, power and life, so as a symbol of passionate love and eroticism, bouquets or vases of red flowers, especially roses, are a primary choice for valentine’s day. A bouquet of red tulips or gerberas as a symbol of fiery and deep love or camellias as an expression od mad and romantic love can do the same of course. red flowers are the ideal gift for a lover or a loved one in general.


The Meaning of White flowers

Traditionally, white was the color of virginity and innocence. Now, in addition to its historical symbols, it is also the symbol of purity and is most associated with the union of souls as they are the key color for marriage too. A white bouquet sends a frank message of trust, admiration and respect. White bouquets can be the best gifts in occasions such as weddings and engagement s, or simply given to someone as a sign of gratitude. In combination with red flowers, they can express love and loyalty.


The Meaning of Pink flowers

The color of little girls, fairy tales and sweets, but also charm and femininity. Offer pink to represent your friendship, sweetness or tender love. Lighter than the passionate red, pink is a symbol of romance, kindness and seduction. Pink tulips can send a message of a fiery passion. Pink peonies can be used as an indicator of more subtle expression of love and shy feelings.


The Meaning of Orange flowers

The color orange is very vibrant and has a strong and pleasant meaning at the same time. It symbolizes joy and solid friendship. It is a perfect gift to a sincere friend in order to wish them joy. It is the tone of carelessness but also comfort.


The Meaning of Violet flowers

Violet indicates delicacy and unforgettable feelings. They express the confidence you have in your love. In the language of flowers violet translates humility and modesty besides the depth of feelings.


The Meaning of Yellow flowers

Yellow is the color to be used with caution since traditionally it was used as a confession for infidelity and betrayal. The yellow tulips used to express hopeless love and the yellow mimosas represented sensitivity and heartache. But nowadays yellow, is the color most associated with energy, good humor and cheerfulness. It is the most visible color in nature, as it reflects the most essential star of life, the sun. sending a bouquet of yellow flowers can have the ultimate message of optimism and positive energy. yellow Daffodils can symbolize love and patience and are perfect as a peaceful gesture.


The Meaning of Green flowers

Green is the color most presented in nature and floral compositions. It is associated with hope, sincerity and fertility and can be used to express feelings with simplicity. In case of expressing hope for happy days green is the color.


The Meaning of Blue flowers

Blue is a soft color and is usually associated with dreams and travel. To offer someone a bouquet of blue flowers can send the very poetic message that you want to discover new horizons together.