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Naomi Rose Red was introduced to the floral industry in 2006. She is normally grown by the best Dutch rose growers and is available in a variety of stem lengths.

She stays fresh for a long time in cold storage and has a long vaselife. she also is very easy to transport. Its presence in the room will keep you blushing for more than a week.

Naomi Roses are one of a kind with tremendously large flower-head and a delicate scent, with Each bloom having up to 80 petals (which is perhaps the highest petal count of any other roses in the market). She is the only fragrant red rose that grows commercially, the most amazing and delicate sweet fragrance. This is the rose with an immaculate red color that landscapes a smooth and velvety shade super rich in color and will certainly make its presence noticeable in any room.

By any stretch of the imagination, she has what you need in terms of a red rose. An enormous red head and faintly fragrant petals, charming appearance and a long stem, Excellent vase life and transportability.

Another advantage of working with Red Naomi roses is that, in comparison to other red roses, they have fewer thorns.

Naomi Rose normally grown by the best Dutch rose growers and available in a variety of stem lengths.

Top floral designers love Red Naomi roses because of their big bloom heads, rich look and feel, and unique fragrance.

Naomi Rose is a popular choice to similitude love and affection as well as other occasions. For expressing your deepest admiration for that specific someone, the classic red rose is typically the ideal choice. Surprise your one and only with a single red rose or a magnificent bouquet of gorgeous reds for a romantic occasion, or better yet, just because.

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