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Calla Lily is shaped similar to a trumpet which is a slick and marvelous sophisticated flower available in a variety of colors which may vary during each season.

Cala Lily (Arum Lily or Zantedeschia Aethopica) is a flower plant in the Araceae family native to southern Africa.

The plant sprouts directly from its bulb, with no stem in between.

As they unroll, large leaves open up just above the soil and rises 2 to 3 feet above the ground. At the top of its tall stem, the trumpet shaped flower grows a few inches above the green foliage.

A single bulb can generate a large number of leaves and blooms.

The leaves are shaped like arrows and become quite black as they mature.

Each blossom turns into a big single petaled flower with one side stretched out of proportion and can grow up to 25 cm.

The stem in the middle is usually yellow.

The calla lilies come in many gorgeous colors; such as white, yellow, orange, pink, rose, lavender, and dark maroon.

Although it carries the name "lily," the calla is not really a genuine lily. Caladium and philodendron, which have more leaflike blossoms, are more closely linked to these blooms. The petal of a calla lily flower, on the other hand, resembles a huge leaf, therefore the close link makes sense.

The world “Calla” means beauty in Greek. The Calla Lilly is rich with symbolism and history it can represent resurrection and rebirth. Because of this symbolism, many people associate Easter with the calla lily. The Virgin Mary is commonly portrayed holding a blossom.

They can be presented in wedding bouquets as a symbol for bliss and devotion. More generally it is a symbol of purity, gratitude, admiration and elegance.

Calla lilies are always Exquisite either in a garden or in a vase.

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